Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Words Are Good.

I like words. In fact, I love them.
I like to read them, to write them, to speak them.

I like them so much, I want them everywhere. Even on my dishes.

Check out these great Word Dishes from Clio.


compulsive writer said...

Those are, well, sweet!

(I'm still trying to get over how much I want to be lying on the bed in that fabulous black and white room pictured on your previous post. I'm more than inspired. I want that!)

Super Zoe said...

Love those! Something I can use!
(Am looking forward to a Friday Finds a la NYC?!)

Super Zoe said...

and for all of you who beg the 'Cane for mercy during the drawings: I pushed that precious boy in his beloved swings for long time on Sunday and NO bag! So, I am just saying, the kid cannot be swayed. As I suspected.