Thursday, March 22, 2007

Friday Finds: Blogher Business Style

Well, as you might have read on the Queso, I'm at Blogher Business for my day job. It's excellent. I've met a ton of smart, interesting people and found some excellent finds along the way. Here are a just a few...

Simply the Greatest Recipe Site Ever.
Simply Recipes may not be new to you, because it's, um, HUGE! But if you haven't discovered it, you must check this site out. I met Elise, the brainchild and muscles behind it, earlier today. She's brilliant. In both the American and British version of brilliant. She takes all the photos for the site herself, and I'm almost positive she makes every recipe. If you haven't already done so, you must add this to your bookmarks.

Natural Beauty
Terralina is a skin care product line that "offer the best from nature, avoiding the use of harsh or potentially harmful ingredients." It has no parabens, no PEGs, no ethoxylates, no glycols, no acrylates, no silicones, and no artificial fragance I don't even know what half of that is, but I know this...I put some of the lotion on today, and it's fantastic. And it smells amazing. You can have them send you a free sample from their Web site. And Gina Garrubbo, the CEO and Co-founder is a gem of a wonderful person.

Smart Ass and Sassy Maternity Tees

I went to dinner tonight with a group that included a girl (and her darling six-week old boy) named Kristen who sells some cute maternity Tshirts. I really like the "Drinking for Two" shirt for dads.

A Find That Finds
And now, a find that keeps on finding. She Finds dot com. An excellent place to find stuff. They shop the Web so you don't have to. I met Michelle, founder of She Finds, today, and she's as excellently cool as this fab site. Check it.

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mommiebear2 said...

Thanks for all of this cool stuff! I am totally digging the recipes.