Saturday, March 10, 2007

Friday Finds: The Terminally Cool Parent Edition

There’s been some talk on the street that “hip” or “cool” parents (you know, parents who feed their kids that darn-blasted trendy hummus or dress their little punks in something other than pastel ducky and bunny wear) deserve about 72 eye rolls and a good lashing. Maybe. But around here, we prefer spring rolls to eye rolls. So, I say if parents want their kids to wear smocked duckies and listen to classical music, fine. No problem. To each his own. But for me and my house, we wear the Roses.

So here’s a Friday Find tribute to those kids, parents, aunts, uncles and punks who are alergic to pastels. And bunnies.

It Makes the People Come Together
As far as I'm concerned, it all starts and ends with music, so we started the Hurricane early on the Charlatans. But if you're into the latest, check out this beaut. Mary Had a Little Amp features kid songs from R.E.M, the Dixie Chicks, Moby, Indigo Girls, Jack Johnson and more.

And for you older types, if you haven't already, add Torr to you list. The dude knows the latest good music.

Swell Clothes
Everyday there are new great places to buy kids clothes...places that don't think you'd like to pay $32.99 to advertise for them. I have a variety of favorites, and Swell Baby is one of them.

Have you found a favorite kids clothes shop/online shop? If so, do please share.

More Than Just a Drink With Jam and Bread
We live and breathe in tees around here. And I can't get enough of them. Holly at Holly's Top Five recently emailed me her favorite. And this chick knows stuff. Check it.

"Threadless is a designer T-shirt website. People can submit their own T-shirt designs (they're really cool) and then others visiting the website vote on which ones they'd like to have printed. Threadless will then print the shirt and sell it. Every once in a while, they'll have $10 sales on all shirts. If a shirt sells out, you can vote to have it reprinted as well. I own this one, but covet many others. Also, Zach Braff loves Threadless, so of course I do as well. They've also started printing shirts for kids - a fun way to throw in some alternative flare to the otherwise Gap-For-Kids wardrobe! (Says I, the childless unmarried grad student). " You say it Holly!

I say if Holly likes it and ZB likes it, it's good enough for me. Great find, Holly. Thanks!


On a related note, I'm realizing it's starting to look like a mall around here. And for that, I apologize. Between the Friday Finds and the different reviews I've been asked to do, well, that's a lot of product.

And we all know what happens when you wear too much product.

So, I'll come up with a solution. I'm just not sure what it is yet. I could ditch the Friday Finds, but I have heard from a lot of you that you dig them.

Hm. We'll see.

Still working on the Queso ingredients. Getting closer.


On another related note, my little bio blurb thing is up at The Parenting Network. This is a group that has asked me (and about 187 others) to review things every once in a while. They send me free stuff too, and I usually give it away here. So that means, they give you free stuff. So you should totally let them sit at your lunch table and share your algebra homework with them. I'm just saying.

Happy Weekend, people.

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