Wednesday, February 13, 2008


This little beauty from lowercase tee
is the cleverest political merch I've seen so far this primary season.

If you've seen other cute items (for any candidate), let us know.

Monday, February 11, 2008

The Sky Isn't Visible From Here

I've always been a fan of fiction.

Since birth.

After all, that's what most of us first learn books to be...tales of fairies, Loraxes, Fudge, and Ramona. And that's what my bookshelves knew. And so that's what I read. Hundreds and hundreds of thousands of words of fiction.

Sure, there were random non-fiction bits throw in, for school and all, but it seems I've always liked the pretend better. So much so that at age 30, I actually broke up with a guy because he said fiction novels were stupid. (Because although he was incredibly cute, he was stupid, obviously.)

But then someone turned me on to the genre of the personal essay and the memoir novel. And I fell in love. And in a round about way, that's what initiated my interest into reading others' blogs. Because in many ways and forms, that's exactly what they are. Just out there for anyone to read, relate to, or not.

Then sometimes, someone takes it to the next level.

I'd say Felicia Sullivan has done exactly that with her new novel The Sky Isn't Visible From Here as she recounts growing up as the adult in a Brooklyn household with a powerfully addicted mother. What's even more moving, even more than the incredible details she includes, is the way she soberly connects these formative years into the life she pieces together for herself seventeen years later. The way that the children that we were, become the women that we are. It's so honest. So honest that even though my childhood in central Texas couldn't have been more different, I completely understand where she's coming from and how we get there.

It's that good.

Her broken heart is quiet and strong. Her details are specific and bizarre. Her story is completely touching and inspiring. In fact, in reading it, I'm celebrating her victories with her and I'm thinking, I'd completely be her friend in real life. In fact, if she had a blog, I'd read it. And then I realized, of course she does. Because she's brilliant. So you can read that too. You can also read an excerpt of The Sky Isn't Visible from Here on the Huffington Post.

And you can purchase the book here.

Or you can win a copy of it here. Right here. By leaving a comment before Wed. Feb. 13th, midnight EST. And as always, I seriously hope you win.