Saturday, March 10, 2007

Friday Finds: Queso Reader Picks

This week, the fabulous Friday Finds come from fabulous Queso readers.

First of all, I jumped the gun on one yesterday. The lovely Janey the Great sent me a heads up on the merriest bakery around. Don't forget to visit yesterday's post in order to enter the great Champagne Chocolate giveaway from ShoeBox Oven. Just leave a comment before midnight CST tonight, and you're entered.

But back to the Finds.

Your Secret's Out. "I have a Friday Find for you." This came from the exceptionally Brilliant Bones, who could write a book on the depressing history of Valentine's Day.

Thankfully though, he didn't talk about the big VD; he kept talking about his find. "It's really a Sunday find, but every Sunday, posts a new set of Post Secrets- people write their deepest darkest secrets on postcards and mail them. Then posts the photos of them. Many are funny, many are sad. All of them tell people that they aren't alone in their secrets, though."

I love this.

It's the Friday Find that keeps on finding.


Guitar Town.
"I'm betting that this is so fabulous, that only I can appreciate its true fabulousness," said the ridiculously talented Docdebone, orthopedic surgeon to the stars.

Introducing the T5 Thinline Fiveway from Taylor Guitars. If you are a guitar person, the coolness of this will be obvious to you. If you're not (and sadly I'm not), as far as I can tell, with this bad boy, you can be as versatile and multi-talented as Dick van Dyke when he's playing that one man band show at the beginning of Mary Poppins. It's that cool.


Yet Another Reason to Like Strawberries
"This is my favourite website on earth! I even tell ladies about it in Department stores when I am aimlessly hanging around the Chanel counter," said the fabulous LaLa/JulaBerry. And this girl knows her stuff.

Our favorite Aussie was talking about Strawberry Net.

She went on to say, "you get a discount the more times you use it, and every now and then you may score a free gift, my last one was a Stila lippie! I can recommend their free post service, their office is in Hong Kong and everything gets to me in Sydney within 2 days. You just need to remember to select which currency you want to browse in at the top!"

Great tip! Great find! Thanks LaLa!


Fashionistas Unite.
"Hey. I love She She Me. It's a fashion/beauty blog. It even has a section for moms. God knows you people need help."

Okay, so she didn't say that last sentence. But she might have been thinking it. Maybe.

The ultimate fashionista herself, Super Zoe, shared one of her secrets with us. She She Me.

There's lots to see in there.


Taking Valentines To A Whole New Level
This one is actually mine. Because in my next life, I want to come back as one of Design Mom's kids. Seriously. First of all, I'd be guaranteed a cool name. Secondly, I'd get to do brilliant things all the time. Also, my room would no-doubt be cool. And lastly, well, my mom would be THE Design Mom. So there you go. And because the Design Kids don't fall far from the tree, Ralph and Maude's creations are my Friday Find pick.

Instead buying Batman Valentines and beyond making Valentines, these two geniuses made beautiful bookmarks for their classmates. Isn't that so smart? The creations are so cool, the designs are fantastic and their friends have something they can keep to use throughout the year.

Ralph and Maude, we're totally going to copy your idea someday (when the Hurricane gets a little bigger).

So there you go. And, as always, send your future Friday Finds to helloqueso at gmail dot com. Hope you all had a great Valentines Week and that your weekend is even better.


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