Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Black Eyed Peas Bowl

This is what I'll be using all day tomorrow.

Kitchen bowl from my beloved Fishs Eddy.

Putting the Tee in 3T

Harry needs new tshirts. I know. Weird right? It's so wasteful how he keeps growing out of his perfectly good clothes. Gah.

Good thing Amazon has this easy click three buttons and you've spent $172.72 on tshirts feature. Or maybe I didn't actually click purchase. But if I did, I'd buy these.

And the Punk Rock Tee above.

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Get On With it Already.

I love cool stuff. And it's all around. (Hooray!) And I'm about eight months behind in posting some of the cool things I've seen or that people have sent me. Sooo... I'm going to stop feeling bad about that and just do something about it. And I'm going to start right here and right now with this lovely and motivating series from Orange Beautiful.