Saturday, March 10, 2007

Friday Finds: A Toast to the Single Girl

A Woman Needs a Man Like a Fish Needs a Bicycle.
--Irina Dunn

Last week, I promised Super Zoe that this week’s finds would be a shout out to the single gal.


I loved being single. Loved it. So sometime, let’s meet for beverages, swap stories, and toast to the fab singleton lifestyle. Cheers! As my friend Valerie’s grandmother said…”It takes a really good man to beat no man at all.” So here’s to no man at all. And then, here’s to the men past, present, and future who are fab enough to have caught us and to keep catching us.

And now finally, here are a few fab finds for the single girl in all of us.

A Book.
Speaking of Super Zoe, once upon a time, she gave me this book, Even God is Single, so stop giving me a hard time. Bones, you will like this, because it directly addresses the idiots who ask us when we’re going to get married. And then it gives them some darn good responses to point out their obvious idiocy. I love this book. I loved it when I was single. I love it still. So stop giving me a hard time.

Some Bags.
Before I had so many under my eyes, I sported different kinds of bags. And while I do dig hauling diapers around in this excellent number, I’m often a bit jelly of the dreamy bags a fantastic single girl in my office flings on her desk each morning. That’s right, she came in with this one yesterday. I’m dying over here!

Now, if you’re like me and not ready to shell out the the cash for the splash, check out Bag, Borrow or Steal. Think of it as a library for the style. It’s a giant closet of excellent bags and accessories that you can borrow from for as little as $5 a month (although, it’s more for the good stuff). I’ve never done this, but I think the concept is brilliant. If any of you try it and like it, let me know.

Some Shoes.
A few weeks ago, the Brilliant Laurie of Leap Design was in town to visit some of her college friends for a girls weekend. So I thought, while she was here, I’d steal her for a few hours of lemon drops and laughter. And even though she’s married (and up to her eyeballs in smart twin girls), earlier this week, she wrote a fantastic fairy tale that I think really honors single life. Plus, she introduced me to these bad boys.

Some Cubes.
We use these cool flashing light cubes at a lot of parties we throw. For openings, for companies, for individuals, for whatever. And they're always a hit with any crowd. Plus, they make all beverages…even water…extremely fun. And. I don’t know why these make me think of single gals, but they do. Because they’re so flashy? So refreshing? So fun? Maybe.

And For Traveling Anywhere you Choose.

Let’s face it, packing up and going somewhere is always easier when you’re packing for one. So, if any of you are up for Italy next week, start packing. Because Women's Travel Club offers girlfriend getaways. And next week, they're going to Tuscany. I think this is cool. After all, traveling is always more fun with friends. And although this organization was started by married women with children who were wanting to travel, until I understand how those women do it, I'm going to suggest this for my moving, shaking single friends. Or, on the other hand, does anyone want to go to Italy next week? And I'm probably going to need a babysitter. Anyone?

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