Saturday, March 10, 2007

Friday Finds: Yeeehaw, Candles, and Acceptance Speeches

There are so many things going on in the next few days, I’m exhausted already.

First of all, today is “Go Texan” day ‘round these parts. Which really means nothing except that half of the Htown workforce went to the gigantic beef cookoff or beer cookoff or something last night and more than half of my coworkers will come in hungover. It also means that a variety of people around town will be dressed up like cowpeople. I’m wearing pigtails. And I may go see Sheryl Crow or Beyonce. That’s my extent of participation. Well, you know, besides riding my horse to work, spitting a lot, and shooting my guns in the air like I just don’t care.

So here’s a Rodeo find inspired by the largest corporate event for education on the planet.

It's style that will help you keep your pants on.

And God knows we all need that.

Vicious Style offers some excellent beltbuckles built for all kinds of cowpeople. Even cowpeople who are scared of cows.

I get that. I grew up on a ranch, and I'm kind-of scared of cows. They're big. And they can kick. They best be left alone.

But I'm quite sure in almost all situations I'd feel braver and cooler with Bob Marley around my waist.


Plus, then, I’m saving up my breath for Saturday, because I’m blowing out 36 candles on a cake. And I hope my cake comes from here.


Then Sunday, it’s the day we’ll all gather to watch Helen Mirren win her 8,754th gold medal for acting. Oh and to see what people are wearing, what George Clooney is doing, etc. Me, I watch for the acceptance speeches. And I start kicking the TV when anyone goes up there, acts all flustered, and says they didn't prepare anything. (Here's some advice for any one of you who may someday be up for an award on national television...get a speechwriter to write your speech, just in case. If you spend two months picking out the perfect Harry Winston, spend two minutes with someone writing your dumb speech. So you don't look dumb.) Ya hear that, Marcia? I can almost guarantee I'm going to kick your TV at your party on Sunday. But I'm also going to make Beergaritas, so it will all work out.

Speaking of kicking, please watch this video. I don't really get football rivalries. But I do really like the kicking guy.

And speaking of the Oscars, if you're not looking forward to Beergaritas but instead looking forward to watching the awards madness with your children, Kids off the Couch has some groovy ideas how to make the red carpet fun for the whole family.


Happy Oscar weekend from the Queso.

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