Saturday, March 17, 2007

Friday Finds: For the Blues

Me: What's the name of that site where you get your iPod cover things?

HcQ: Hm?

Me: Because I said that this week's Friday Finds would focus on guys. And I need guy stuff.

HcQ: Oh. Well. Guys like kegerators. And electronics. And sports. And beer. And hot chicks.

Me: Not helpful.

HcQ: Oh, I know! You should write about Xbox 360 Gears of War.

Me: No.

And so it began. A few weeks ago, I said I'd do Friday Finds for the single gal and then for guys. (Specifically guys that fish) (For you, Bones). But as it turns out, being from Venus and all, I apparently know very little about what guys really like.

But here's my shot and my shout out to the blues. And it's done just as the blues like it. Featuring shiny photos and links. But no words. Only grunts.

Excellent watch with radar.
Or tracking systems.
Or something like that.

Ridiculously Expensive Games.

A Cool Desk.

A Really Cool Desk.

And I'm now grunting you wishes for a happy weekend...and good tidings for early next week's excellent Darlybird giveaway. You'll like it.

1 comment:

Bones said...

aww, for me? I'm sorry I was on a west-coast roadie and I missed it. But I do loves me some backgammon. If you could install a kegerator in a backgammon board, I'd be your personal he-slave forever.