Monday, November 19, 2007

Wrap it Up!

I'm not one for traditional holiday wrapping paper,
so I'm loving the collection from Pop Ink.


Super Zoe said...

If you are ever fortunate to receive a gift from GcQ, you must know that the special wrapping is part of the joy! G, you always have the coolest, most artful wrapping.

Mine, however, look like they were wrapped by the 'Cane. Thank heaven for gift bags!

Super Zoe said...

PS: Sometimes, when there is a drawing for things I like (for example, THE DARING BOOK FOR GIRLS,) I think to myself, "Super Zoe, wouldn't you think there would be a reward for being such a good and regular commenter?! Wouldn't you?!" Then I realize that I would besmirch the good name of commenters everywhere if I attempted that kind of extortion.

But I think it.

Girl con Queso said...

Super Zoe, you rule.

Rachel said...

I adore this wrapping paper!!!

Super Zoe said...

I hope when I get married I still "rule" because one of the big draws of being single is that I get to rule the roost and do whatever I want.

I do like to rule. Just call me Bossy Boots. Again.