Tuesday, November 20, 2007

The Gift That Keeps on Giving

The DrinkMaster Mix Master.


Rachel said...

That is so cute!

Super Zoe said...

I love that! Can I register for that?! I might.

I have waited so long to register that I am fairly unnerved. I mean, I still eat off of my college-grad dishes and use hand-me-down appliances from my mom. I assumed that I would go the whole "huge 40th birthday and I am registering for stuff so I can have grown-up dishes and glasses" route.

I am keeping my Dollar Tree wineglasses. Sturdy and enormous - very crucial qualities after a long week.

Super Zoe said...

PS: Rachel, that little girl is MUCH cuter than any appliance! What a doll!

rosiesribbons said...

Oh yummy!
Birthday wish list gift!