Monday, October 15, 2007

My Son's New Favorite Video: Phonics 4 Babies

My son has just discovered Sesame Street.

This makes me incredible happy, since three decades ago it was the show that made me fall in love with New York (a place I'm loving in person as I type this), and learning, and yes, puppets. In fact, I'm fairly positive it's the place that introduced me to legendary ventriloquist, puppeteer and children's television show host, Shari Lewis. And just as things move in a full-circle motion, it just so happens that now The Hurricane is now madly in love with Shari's daughter Mallory and her puppet pals. That's right. His new favorite video is Phonics 4 Babies, a video with puppets, and phonics, and lots of alphabet singing. It was developed in association with prominent clinical advisors from UCLA, speech pathologists and child educators. And it really reminds me of the shows I watched on PBS back in the day. Before Elmo. And before Micheal Stipe. Back when Sesame Street was just a block, not a blockbusting cool fest of too many characters and rock stars to even know where to start.

I received the video from Parent Bloggers. And The Hurricane will be eternally grateful. And I'm just thrilled with the retro-ness of it all. It's nice to see that somethings don't change. Like sassy sock puppets. It seems they still completely rock a two-year-old's world.

Check out Phonics 4 Babies. My kid loves it. (Even more than he loves Elmo...) (And that's a lot.)

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