Monday, July 2, 2007

The 24-Hour Pharmacist

A pharmacist on call? When I think of this concept, I think of Studio 54, a place that I am, of course, way too young and naïve to have ever experienced. Or I think of 24-Hour Party People, a song by the Happy Mondays and an average film about an exceptional musical movement.

I think of some guy named Eric whom you page (Page! My imagination doesn't get out of 1987 very often) to bring you a tiny baggie of something that will transform a sh*tty evening into an all-night party. Or maybe I've been watching too much Less Than Zero. And have you figured out that I'm an idiot when it comes to pharmaceuticals?

See, for whatever reason, I've never been all that interested in drugs. Perhaps it has something to do with an alcoholic grandfather who managed to scare two generations straight…or, well, straightish. But I've never felt any real calling to call someone up in the middle of the night for a fix.

Until I had a child. And now, a 24-hour pharmacist sounds like a darn good idea that has nothing to do with illegal substances and everything to do with health and sleep. Because even though I may occassionally be a slacker in the health department, I'll do anything for me and mine to sleep more.

So all that said, when Parent Bloggers Network asked me to review The 24-Hour Pharmacist, by Suzy Cohen, R. PH., a book promising natural secrets for total body health from behind the counter (not to mention the whole "look younger, feel healthier, save time and money'"sell), I was so in.

Before I received this book, I thought it would be a reactive reference book I could go to in the wee hours before the dawn of crack to search for a quick remedy for the baby's upset stomach, runny nose, ear infection, whatever. But these people don't let you sit around being all lazy and reactive, like doctors typically do. No. They offer the up-front, practical, holistically healthy tips that not only change your sleeping patters…they change you life. Well, in theory.

However I wouldn't be surprised at all if this stuff really works. Because it's smart. It's advice my other grandfather (not the drunk one) would have given. Clean living, practical advise. And he lived to be almost 100.

So while it's not designed as an index guide for scrambling answers, this is organized by "Above the Waist", "Above the Neck", "Below the Waist" and "Everything In Between". Then they have a whole section urging us to "Think Outside of the Pill". No late-night calls to Eric here.

But they do have great chapters you can call on "When He Wants Viagra and You Want Valium" or "How can I stop my husband from snoring?"...or even, gasp!, "How can I train my body to lose fat?." Really? You can do that? The key is proactive prevention. And the whole book is full of smart steps, tips, ways and means to work healthy habits into your busy life.

Plus they say choclolate and coffee are good for you. So they are obviously brilliant, and I love them forever.

Want to know more? You should seriously check out this book. I'm really loving it and now losing sleep because I'm staying up reading it. (But I am drinking more water.) You can pick up a copy here.

Also, while you're in the mode, visit Parent Bloggers Network and leave a comment. If you comment, you’ll be entered to win a $50 gift card to CVS!.

Also, this time, I'm keeping my copy. Sorry. Don't hate. You'll understand when you get yours.

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