Monday, June 4, 2007

I Just Found These on Sk*rt...

Slingback. Mary Jane. Wedge. Platform. Espadrilles. Meet the Franco Sarto 'Queen' Espadrille. They're fantastic. And I found them on sk*rt. See what you can find.


KCG said...

GcQ, ordinarily, your taste is impeccable. I still remember walking down the street with you wearing those green blue and white heels and having women compliment them from their car as they drove past us.

But these are scary con queso.

Just keepin it real.

Peace out.

KCG said...

And before you slap me back, I will pre-empt you by pointing out that I'm the one who wore pastel yellow pants and shirt to the 8th grade dance, so what do I know?

Girl con Queso said...

They'd be awesome with white shorts. Or a skirt.

And that was a not a woman who complimented me (by screaming from a car), oh by the way.