Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Memory Within Reach

From Design Within Reach: Maharam, a pioneer in commercial fabric designs since 1902, offers stunning patterned materials to the trade. For those of us who long for Maharam designs but don't plan to reupholster the apartment, Maharam patterns are now available through the Maharam Memory Game. Like the classic memory game, players turn over two cards at a time and try to match the patterns. Consisting of 72 cards on heavy stock, richly colored and printed in Germany, the game features 36 different patterns, everything from "I Morosi Alla Finestra" by Gio Ponti (1930) to "Optik" by Verner Panton (1969).

Cool huh?


laurie said...


Design Mom said...

I think I just started my Christmas wish list.

KCG said...

Nothing at Design Within Reach is ever within reach. Their prices are ridiculous, but they do have some amazing stuff.